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Would Wearing Less Attract Mr. Right?

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Part one

Part two

Meet MR.Right! Which of these women do you think he would most likely get serious about and make a real commitment and possibly propose marriage?


Can tight booty shorts or jeans and tube tops bag this kind of man for possibly more than just a one night stand? Does it take this kind of attire to steal his attention away from the so called "good girl" enough for her to work her spell on him and make him a keeper?

Please let us know by posting a comment or leaving a voice blog in the box at the bottom of this page or you can email us to arrange for an invitation to be a guest on our radio show?


"Hey, I like booty shorts I'll take 'em all, Holla at me!" Let me take care of ya'll trust me!

Nice and casual dress


Is she too stank or what?


A nice blouse would've done nicely


Ladies would you let this mouth touch your body?


Not cute at all!


Do you think this is sexy on a man?


Very, very nice


What in the Hell is this S...!


Would you date these guys?


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