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Down Low Brothers

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WARNING!!!  .....Adult contents only (not for entertainment purposes)

No one under 18 permitted to view or listen to these contents of a serious nature. Only for mature adults should these contents be viewed and studied for the purpose of educating and to protect ones self from the repercussions of another persons secret and dangerous lifestyle.

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What are your opinions about down low men and women? Are you aware of the risk? Are you on the DL and in a relationship but afraid to confess your secret, is it fair to your partner to keep this secret and what if you find out you have contracted an STD??????        Please people, we need to address this very serious issue thats plaguing our country we need your phone calls and blogs because your comments and opinions could very well save someones life. 

Go to we need your blogs and comments, you can leave us a voice blog or e-mail us your phone info and we will contact you if you would like to be a guest on our future shows