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"We rent the best fun you'll ever have!"

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We can help you host your childs outdoor event at our private outdoor facility to accommodate your party. Prices are suggested on the estimated number of guest you expect to attend. Notice! we do not double book parties, only one private party at a time & a $50 non refund deposit is required which applies to total cost

This is a drug, weapon & alcohol free environment these are not permitted

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"We specialize in family reunions call for details"

Package A



1 bounce house or 1 water slide  (your choice) 

play area with toys

picnic tables & Tents

sound system provided (bring music cd or mp3 nothing obscene)

 BBQ grills

you get 3 hours & we cannot go pass 8:00 p.m.

bring your own food & decorations

We help you clean up

Package C



Three inflatables of your choice

  2 party costumes

volleyball, play area with toys,

picnic tables & tents,  BBQ grills

Bring your own food & decorations

Sound system provided, bring your own CD / mp3 music if you like (nothing obscene) 

(12 volt battery) vehicles optional ($20) each


You get 4 hours & we cannot go pass 8:00 p.m.

we help you clean up




Call to see what costumes we have available to choose




If you need transportation call for details



You can bring your own music cd or mp3 but nothing obscene


If you can you should provide party grab bags for the kids, you can get from any dollar general store



We suggest you bring and grill hot dogs and or burgers





Package B



two inflatables, 

  Volleyball, picnic tables, Tents & play area with toys

2 party costumes 

 BBQ grills

Sound system provided (bring your music nothing obscene)

Bring your own food & Decorations

you get 3 hours & we cannot go pass 8:00 p.m.

We help you clean up


Package D

Carnival Deluxe

$550 - $800

Three choice inflatables

 (12 volt) Battery Power Rides if available

Pony Rides with Pics (optional call for price)

multiple party costumes

 Play area with toys, volley ball, 

Picnic & banquet Tables with Tents, multi' BBQ Grills

 Party streamers or bring your decorations and we help you set it up.

 Popcorn & cotton candy with limited supplies  

We will provide you with an ample supply of ice for your party only.

Live DJ (Optional) please book in advance.

Sound system provided (bring your cd or mp3 but nothing obscene)

Party Games provided (what we have)

Party pictures on disk if available.

Adults & parents can take a break to our private mancave get-a-way if available (Ask for Details)

You get 4 to 5 hours starting @ 3:00 p.m. or earlier. We cannot go pass 8:00 p.m.

we help you clean up

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