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Want a party but short of cash?

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You want to throw a party but you're a little short of cash...... OK, here are some helpful hints that may help you make it happen:

1. If you have a few or a bunch of close friends and relatives call them up with the idea of throwing a party or get together for the kids and or adults.

2. Once you've contacted them arrange for a meeting and organize a committee.

3. Choose officers such as a treasure etc... Pick the date for the event then set the budget amount and start raising dues.

Example: Get 15 people to give $20.00 each and you've raised $300  That is enough money to nearly purchase our C premium package. ( see prices & specials)

4. Another way is to Barter. Sometimes trading is better than cash depending on the trade. We at K.L.U. party rentals may at times accept a barter depending on the potential value and feasibility of the trade.

5. Financing your event. Depending on your financial status you can sometimes get a personal loan to finance your event; However, we do not recommend this option if at all possible.

These are just a few ideas that may help you with getting your event paid or you may come up with your own Ideas for raising the funds needed to host an event. Good Luck!

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