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A E S Alternitive Energy Solutions

We're your Indianapolis base authorized dealer

If you're like thousands of people frustrated over high gas prices and you'd like to cut those cost by 50% or more we have the answer, the new infrared i HEATER and we have plenty of units in stock and ready to ship to you right now. Stop spending and start saving by owning your own heating source. Simply put, its your money stop giving it away!


We have plenty of units in stock all black & wood grain metal finish. The i Heater runs on less than a dollar of electricity per day roughly around $0.42 per day, now thats not bad!


These units measures 16"X15"X13" and has casters for easy mobility also comes with easy to use timer remotes


Unlike EdenPure and other heaters that uses quartz infrared 20,000 Hr bulbs these units use a superior titanium quartz 60,000 Hr allowed element that has a life time guarantee


Unlike other heaters that only heat up to 1000 sq Ft, the I Heater will comfortably heat up to 1500 sq Ft and it will never get hot to the touch, safe for kids and pets

Jan, 2011 Gas Bill


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Dec, 2010 Gas Bill


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Nov, 2010 Gas Bill


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Oct, 2010 Gas Bill


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Call 800 608-1250 Ext 1

Your new i heater will pay for itself in just one month by not handing your money to the Gas Company and You could be saving all that money starting this winter so don't wait, get your brand new i heater today!