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i Heater Price Special

A E S   Alternative Energy Solutions

We're your Indianapolis base authorized i Heater dealer

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You will not pay suggested retail $649.95


These units sell at wholesale for $379.00 plus tax but we sale for less


But if you purchase now before March 31st, 2011 you pay a flat $269.99 + tax with full factory warranties, buy two or more and  pay $259.99 each  WOW! thats our super sale to you going on right now while supply last so hurry!  these are selling fast.

 Lay-A-Way and Payment Plans may be offered to some qualified customers

We will deliver free of charge with-in 10 miles of downtown Indianapolis

Just saving one month of not paying the Gas Company will just about pay for your i Heater and you own it for life and the savings just keep coming!


We have done the research by purchasing the EdenPure Gen4 & Gen3, Comfort-zone, Dynasty heater and the i Heater and by far the i Heater is the overall best in our opinion and is why we became authorized dealers. Simply put, just a great little 6000 BTU portable furnace heater built for zone heating only.

Price for the I Heater $269.99


Please don't be fooled by that awsome high profile informercial you see on tv running 24/7, its a great marketing campaign but the product is not living up to the ad. 

Price for the EdenPure Gen4    $397.00


Click pic to compare heaters


The i Heater left - EdenPure Gen4 Center & The Gen3 On the right


All infrared brand quartz heaters will go up in price by much as 40% as these become more popular so don't wait !