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Larry B.

I own a Eden-Pure Gen4 and i absolutely love it. Works great but my house is a little big and i couldn'tkeep moving it around so I decided to get an i Heater because it was cheaper and said to heat more space than the Eden-Pure, well its all true and wow!,  between these two heaters my home is heating like a gas forced heating furnace. I'm saving 100% because i am not running my gas furnace at all. Thank you  guys over at A E S,  i really appreciate it.

Kenard & Son's

Got one of these heaters for our construction office trailer and the heat was so good I took it home for my house and replaced with a cheap space heater. The damn cheap space heater burned out after two weeks so my boys bought another iheater from you guys and its nice and warm again in the office. Anybody reading this let me tell you now, you buy cheap you get cheap, get an iHeater you won't be sorry.

Logan P.

My shop where I work heat with gas furnace these small infrared heaters keeps the temperature to where the gas furnace doesn't run all the time like before. Man! thats a big savings to me. No these two little heaters don't heat the shop like the furnace does but they come really close. I'd say i made a great investment. Every person heating with gas, propane or oil should get an i heater or two.

Cook family

We waited around till January,2011 to buy one of these heaters and by following the plan we actually turned the oil furnace off half the time and the heat was so good we bought a second heater. We never even knew these heaters exsisted but sure glad we found you guys and your advice on how to use them really works.

Kate W.

I just wanted to say since these heaters heat with infrared I tried something kind of wierd just to see if this would work. I positioned my low back near the heat for short times to see if it would treat my back pain and it does, wow! the heat is great too. I just got this heater so I hav'nt gotten a gas bill yet but my furnace is running less now. I'm gonna get a second heater for my basement.

Paul T.

I thought i knew everything but i did not know about these heaters. These are not your typical space heaters for around $50 these babies are different. I'm still not quite sure how they heat like they do but i just know that they do what they're claimed to do. My i heater is a money maker and has already paid for itself.

Glennie S.

I'm an older lady so I need more heat than normal. I didn't want one of these heaters at first but now I'm glad i did. I got just one heater and it is keeping me nice and warm and my furnace comes on sometimes but not all the time like before. Hope its not broke or jealous of my new little i heater (smile)

Charles M.

Ok  guys my question to you is how do I buy in to this business because my wife and I are saving a ton of money to put in our pockets or at best my wife's pocket. These heaters are fantastic and not like cheap space heaters which I thought these were, boy was I wrong. My neighbors all want one or two heaters so how can I get in on this? I'm serious!

Mobil Phone Service & Sales

Took chance and bought 4 iHeaters for business keep customers warm. We turn gas off and heaters work very good customers never complain of cold. I buy now for my home now.