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A E S Alternitive Energy Solutions

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Q. Does the i Heater really heat an area 1500 sq ft?

A. That depends on the condition of the place where it is being used. Well insulated yes, drafts and air leaks probably not but still more than 1000 sq ft.  

Q. Is the i Heater dangerous if left running for a long period i.e., can it start a fire or burn anyone like other heaters?

A. No, this is one of the safest heaters on the market. Its patented design prevents it from ever getting hot to the touch and will never start a fire; However, you should never plug it into a thin extension cord less than 14 gauge as this may over heat the extension cord.

Q. If i were to purchase two or more units would i get a discount or at least a good deal as opposed to buying just one unit?

A. Yes, if you purchase two or more units the price for all units over one will dicount by $50.00 You can't beat that deal anywhere.


Q Is there a warranty with the i Heater?

A. Yes, one year parts and labor if no obvious damage is done to the unit and a lifetime warranty on the 60,000 hr infrared titanium heat element

Q. Can the i Heater really save me up to 50% on my winter fuel bills

A. Lets do the math: when you set your house  thermostat on say 75 degrees and your i heater set at 80 degrees the house furnace will not turn on. When the temperature outside falls to very cold and the i heater thermostat is not adjusted the house furnace will run for several minutes and then turn off when it reaches the 75 degree setting. With-out the i heater the average fuel bill for five cold winter months could be around $312.00 monthly. $312.00 X 5 moths = $1,560.00,  that could be money in your pocket.

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Q. Will the i Heater run my electric bill up high?

A. Good question!, the advanced technology of the i Heater is such that it runs on virtually pennies a day. $0.32 if ran on low settings per day and up to $0.98 if ran on high settings per day so less than a dollar a day.

Q. Can the i Heater be used to replace my exisisting gas furnace or any other furnace?

A. No, actually the i Heater is used primarily as a supplementary heating source to your existing furnace to help it run in less time and to mix infrared heat with other heat for more comfort; However, it has been noted that some customers are using the i heater as a primary heat source with great success. It depends on the homes proper insulation system.

Q. What is zone heating?


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Q. Who or what is   A E S Alternative Energy Solutions ?
A. This  company  was founded by Mr. Tim Strode. He's conducted daily research in finding ways to help people achieve solutions to problems so that they can have a better life style.
Owner, Tim Strode